Sy Peddlesden

Freelance Voice Actor, Crocheter and Papercrafter


Female, American Accent for hire. I appear on four titles for Dovetail Games.


I am a Volunteer at Unravel & Unwind CIC and I'm a Director at Infinity Life Skills CIC, both in Medway, Kent.


I'm a Freelance Crocheter and Papercrafter. I make commissions, test patterns, and even try my hand at design work.

Crochet Bun Hat

Hat Hair I usually don’t have the kind of hair that goes well with a hat. So I don’t wear one. When I get caught out in the cold, I usually have no other option than to wrap my scarf up around my ears and head. This problem is no more! I have found a…

A Chunky Knit!

Chunky=Fast! I have been lucky enough to have done some freelance work for Stitch & Story, a knitting and crochet kit company who provide premium kits suitable for beginners. The aim is to keep it simple and encourage new crafters by giving them a project they can complete in a short time. Between working at…

The 20/20 Print Exchange

Past Participants It’s that time of year again. The 20/20 print exchange! I signed up months ago and then my whole creative world blew up, so I’m just now getting round to it! The 20/20 print exchange is run by an outside third party, and our studio, Intra Arts, contributes to the exchange every year,…