On this page, I am sharing links to things that I want to share with you.  It comes from a place of Love, it’s not a judgey, “This is what I do and what everyone should be doing.”  It’s just things that are close to my heart.  Click or don’t click, I won’t feel any differently about you!

Energy Alignment Method

Simply, it’s all energy.  If you’ve seen “The Secret,” it’s a little bit of that, a little bit of Eastern Philosophy, a little bit of Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Theory, Neurolinguistic Programming…. and more.  I have really clicked with this and if you want to try it out, I have a link for you to register for the “5 days to Flow” challenge!  It’s free.  Yes, there are things you can buy; a book, seminars, 1 to 1 calls, coaching sessions, etc.  But this 5 day thing really is free and it will set you on the path of taking your happiness into your own hands.  It’s run by Yvette Taylor.  Her personality is fun, positive, honest, and on occasion a little bit sweary, but not much.  She is a real human being, not some photoshopped ideal.  She tells it like it is.

Click here to join 5 Days to Flow!

Frack-Free Energy

Speaking of energy…. I have recently changed my energy supplier to one that does not buy its energy wholesale from anywhere that uses or advocates fracking.  I use Octopus Energy, which is putting in some very interesting features for early adopters of electric vehicles, among other things.  They reward their customers for sharing the Octopus Energy message, so if you want to get an estimate or switch your energy in the UK, please feel free to click my Referral Link.

Click Here to check out Octopus Energy!

Essential Oils

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils.  I use them a lot myself.  I enjoy diffusing oils in my home to “clear the air,” so to speak… I enjoy the fresh scent of Breathe, which supports the respiratory system.  I am fighting the brain fog with a Focus Blend when I need to get my head down and do some work, I massage blends into my head for headaches or to wind down at bedtime… the list goes on and on!!!  doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) and are quite potent!

If you would like to treat yourself to a doTERRA oil experience, please follow my link to my personal doTERRA site and online shop.  I recommend ClaryCalm rollerball blend.  It’s great at bedtime or difficult times.  In fact, the “Touch” rollerballs are great because they are already diluted for on the go.

Shop or browse essential oils!

Gaia TV

It’s Netflix, but for the soul/mind. Subscribers to Gaia TV can expect an extensive library of yoga classes, personal development talks, positive messages, guided meditations, and quite a lot more. I enjoy all the exposure to lovely visionaries and philosophers, scientists and explorers that produce content for Gaia.

Try it for yourself at www.gaia.com!