~Voices Intro~

I have always loved to use my voice.  Endlessly.  No, really.  As a child, I was notorious for it, and earned nicknames such as “Motor Mouth,” which I didn’t appreciate at the time.

I have since learned that it is indeed possible to exhale silently, and I’m quite good at it.  But these days people tend to like what comes out when I don’t.  And so I seek employment in this area.

I trained at the London and International School of Acting in West London from 1999-2000.  I did some pantomimes and all the dues-paying early jobs that come with the territory of being fresh out of acting school.  Then I stopped to have a couple of babies and stuff, you know, as tends to happen.  I played around with performance when I was doing the Mum thing.  I had a weekly podcast for two years, and I found that I really did enjoy the company of a microphone.

Now that the babies can fend for themselves, I am again free to do other things.  I have provided voiceovers for some games over at Dovetail Games.  These were tutorial sections for four American Train Sim World add-ons.  I have been told that I take direction well and I get the script ‘in the can’ in relatively few takes, making it a short session indeed.

If this sounds like the kind of person you need for your project, please contact me.

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