WIP Wednesday: Tunisian ten-stitch blanket

Round and Round…

This one started out as an experiment, just to see if I could do it. I started out unsure and not counting properly, learning how to do the mitred corners as I went.

Now, there are stitch markers every ten stitches and my mitres are getting better and better.

This WIP was one that I had put down months ago and I have forgotten which hook I was using for this project! I am going to have to try different ones until I find what works… or do a little detective work.

I started this in America, and when I was there I bought a tunisian hook… two, actually. I stopped using it when I realised that I could easily fit ten stitches on a regular hook and I wouldn’t have to bear the weight of the extra length of hook! The tunisian hook I found was a 6.0, so I guess I am using that same size in an ordinary hook!

Here we go Loopy Lou…

I panicked a little when I realised what I had done by taking the hook out of this project and using it for another… I left a bunch of loops just hanging there!

I grabbed a wire stitch marker (I really like these, they’re like safety pins with no twist in them) and threaded all of the loops onto it. Crisis averted!

I’m still not sure the situation is exactly stable… there might be an issue at the end of the row that means I may have to unravel another row to even it all up. All the same, I’m keen to keep on working on this one!

The yarn is one of my favourite variegated ones: Cygnet Boho Spirit in Flame. My first published pattern used this one and so did my free bonus pattern that I have published on this blog. I just adore the colours! It makes me happy just looking at it.

What colours lift your mood? Do you wear them often, or make things using them? Comment down below, I’d love to hear your colour story!

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