WIP Wednesday: Tunisian In The Round

Yeah, I did it again…

I started another thing.  I wanted to see if I could do Tunisian in the round.  The answer is yes.  I could have left it at that, but no.  I had to keep doing it.  I am going round and round.  I can’t stop!

At the moment it’s a spiral, which means it has an obvious jog at the bottom edge.

It was only meant to be a swatch.   Then I thought, “This would be a nice wrist warmer thingy.”  I planned to add a ribbed cuff when I finished. 

Then I thought, “I wonder if I can increase with this technique.”  I tried.  I succeeded.  Now, I am in the middle of turning this item into a sleeve. 

I’m not entirely sure how that will go when the pattern stops being in the round and starts going back and forth.  I will need to figure that out.  And I will, because that’s what I do.  Stay tuned.


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