WIP Wednesday: Climbing Rose CAL progress

Start as you mean to go on…

The first part of the Climbing Rose CAL is the Day Lily motif. I knew I was looking at needing to make 16 of these motifs, with 10 rounds, each a different colour, I thought it best to connect the motifs through the middle on a piece of cotton yarn. I threaded the first round onto the yarn as soon as I finished it, and did that 16 times. Then, I applied the second round and took the photo.

The next two rounds were ok as long as I was working on a table.  The weight of the other 15 motifs was starting to affect my stitching if I held it up.  It was at this point that I coined the term, “rosary style” for the way I decided to work.

The petals began to form, and this was when it started taking a lot of time per round, mainly because this one entailed working into chains, which takes me way too long and makes my neck do a funny thing… 🙂  It soon passed.  As the motif started to grow quite a bit at this stage, I had to think about making the connecting string longer to accommodate it.

It became speedier once I didn’t have to work into the chains anymore, but because this round goes up and down each petal, it reminded me of my octopus that I had made, where it had thousands of stitches per round… luckily this was the last round of that kind!


If you’re making this, I would love to see your progress.  If you’re on Instagram, don’t forget to use the hashtag #climbingrosecal – I’m  following it and really enjoying seeing everyone’s results!

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