WIP Wednesday: Christmas Edition!

New CAL for the New Year!

It’s been months since the release of this lovely CAL by Jane Crowfoot, but I have had it wrapped up for myself for Christmas. So today is when I make a start on it!

I haven’t forgotten about my other WIPs, they have been added to a list, which seems to get longer and longer as the thoughts pass through my mind of another WIP that I had forgotten about!

As it stands…

The moment I took this photo, I thought of another WIP I need to list, can you believe it???

This is in my Bullet Journal. I’m not entirely sure why I have a check box for “worked on,” as I can only look back and say, “I guess I didn’t work on that at all this year…” and feel bad about it. Perhaps it will encourage me to do a little bit of work on each WIP at least, even if I don’t finish it.

The end of the year is approaching… do you have any craft-related resolutions? Goals? Plans? Comment below if you want to add accountability to the situation by telling others about your goals! That’s what I do.

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