WIP Wednesday: Bamboo Soft Bunting


I have had this Scheepjes Bamboo Soft for quite a long time, because when I got it for its original project, it had not yet been available for sale. I’m not sure if you can zoom in on the photo further, but I’m pretty sure you can see dye lot 1 on the band somewhere…

The original project was a pattern I was testing. I’m not sure if it has gone to print yet so I still can’t write about it!! But I had a ton of this beautiful yarn left over, so I decided to make it into bunting. I saw the pattern on Instagram or Ravelry or something… not sure as it was so long ago now! but the designer is @tikkishook on Instagram. Beautiful, easy pattern, and I love how it looks. It’s designed so that the pieces can be threaded onto ribbon for hanging.

This is one of my stash-bust WIPs, so I work on it bit by bit, as and when I fancy it. It’s been a while since I have made one!

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