WIP Wednesday!

Knitty Tube

Is this my first WIP Wednesday? It very well might be.

This week’s WIP is what I call the Spotty Knitty Tube. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen it before. Now that I look at it, you may have seen this photo before if you follow me on Instagram.

I haven’t had much time to work on this one lately, but I think it now has one more row of spots on it than in this photo.

Newest FO

I have finished something! Amazing, I know. My lovely “Fairy Lights at Night” socks are finally off the hook and ready to go on my feet!

People talk about “Second sock syndrome,” and I thought that I suffered from that… but this time I noticed that as soon as I’ve fastened off the first sock, I jump right into the second sock and it seems to get done faster!

The exciting thing with this project is that I have enough of this beautiful yarn left to make another pair! I am going to try the same pattern with a different featured stitch and see how different the socks look in this yarn. Cool experiment!

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