WIP Watch, December 2019

Welcome to WIP Watch!

I have a layout in my bullet journal to track progress on my WIPs (works in progress). I have quite a few of them, but I find that once I have listed them, I am more aware of them and I am more inspired to finish them. Here’s another layer of accountability: I’m sharing some of them with you!

This first one is my spotty knitted tube. I have shown this one in October. There has been progress on it. I find this one quite relaxing to do.


These were ordered by Stitch & Story as samples for their shelves.  I finished these and as soon as their cute little tags were sewn onto their bums, they were put on the shelf at Kensington Olympia for the Spirit of Christmas Fair!  I had to let these birdies go.  They flew the nest and I’m onto the next thing!  

Crocheted Socks!

I have been sock mad for this entire year, taking breaks for commissions, designs, and other projects. I have been accumulating more sock yarn in my stash, which I call Sock Embryos. This particular yarn is indie dyed by Kate Selene and is called “Fairy Lights at Night” and you can still get it from her website, I think! It’s gorgeous. I have actually finished one sock and immediately made a start on the second one. There’s this thing called Second Sock Syndrome, which tends to stop crafters in their tracks, but I didn’t let it get me!! Onward and Sockward!!


This one has been in hibernation for quite some time. It will take a while to get back on the horse with this one, I’m sure. I haven’t tatted at all this year, let alone this pattern in particular. Help! But I do want this one in the Finished Object pile soon.

Other unseen WIPs…

Yes, there’s more. To spare your blushes, they are not photographed. There are quite a few. Some are scrap-related projects– all my oddments of Stylecraft Special DK are destined to be made into macaroon-like motifs to be sewn together into a lovely, thick blanket or wrap or something. I also have an interesting combination of flower loom and crochet hexagons. I am making this into a bag or basket of sorts, possibly cylindrical. I’m not sure yet. Then there’s the famous Peacock Throw. The pattern was in a booklet of crochet throws, and I originally made one for a friend of mine. I wanted one of my own, so I started to make it. This project has been interrupted many times, but the yarn is still all gathered together in a bag and ready to go at any moment. I want to make it still, but I don’t want to make it strictly as directed and I started to come up with a way to assemble the motifs in my own unique way, but it’s been hanging around for so long I can’t even retrieve my thought process. I’ll have to start from scratch.

Over to you- do you have any notable WIPs? Can you think of all of them? Do you write them down? Do you forget about them only to come back years later not knowing where you left off? What do you do with these projects when you find them?

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