The 20/20 Print Exchange

Past Participants

It’s that time of year again. The 20/20 print exchange! I signed up months ago and then my whole creative world blew up, so I’m just now getting round to it!

The 20/20 print exchange is run by an outside third party, and our studio, Intra Arts, contributes to the exchange every year, with varying artists in our group taking part. You design a 20x20cm print and make 25 of them. Then all the prints are sent to the third party, who collates and re-distributes them, so everyone gets one of their own back, plus one from each of the others.

My contribution

I had an idea in mind when I signed up, and I tried it a couple of times today. My first sample came out perfectly but I couldn’t seem to replicate it. So I had to go in a different direction. Instead of a single-pull monoprint, I am going for layers.

The base layers are in this photo, drying so they are ready for the rest of the design to be added.

I began getting the top layers added, but I ran out of time, probably due to all the experiments gone wrong!

Coming back tomorrow!

I don’t usually leave things out at the studio, but everything is exactly where I need it to be, so just this once, I have left a note.

I hope to finish in the first couple of hours of tomorrow. Will I succeed? I certainly hope so. Now that the creative process is pretty much over and I am just repeating my idea over and over, I am starting to just want to see the back of it. It’s a bit like second sock syndrome in crochet…

At what point do you tend to lose interest in a project and just want it done? Comment below.

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