Summer Bunting


I found some time to work on one of Just_Pootling‘s seasonal wreath designs, which I plan on making into seasonal bunting. If you look at my Instagram feed, you might notice the occasional appearance of the coffee mug up in the corner. The symbol on the mug is the logo for Avenue Tennis, my gym and tennis club, but also where my crochet group is currently meeting. I do most of my work on the bunting while I am with the group, so where you see the white dishes on the glass table, I’m crocheting at the club again!


Here’s several of my daisies blocking on a play mat. Blocking is something that a lot of crocheters skip, but I have found that when you’re making delicate flower shapes, it can prevent the petals from curling.

I love these seasonal buntings, because there is quite a bit of repetition in working the pattern. I absorb the instructions quite quickly, so once I have made each item once or twice, I can stop looking at the pattern. What I try to do is get all of the pieces of one kind done in the one session if possible, that way if the pattern falls out of my mind, it’s ok, because I don’t need it anymore.


I adore colours in this part of the spectrum. My preferred colours fall between lime green and dark purples of varying redness to blueness. I often say if it can be found on a peacock’s tail, it’s in my wheelhouse.

I had to stop in the middle of my batch of cornflowers, so when I start up again, I will be making the few remaining ones and blocking them like the daisies above before moving on to the wheat bundles.

The seasonal bunting, which I had intended to finish before the end of 2019, is going to be starting 2020 on my WIP list. I have been very good lately at working through my WIPs. This is one I am really keen to finish in 2020, so I can rotate these lovelies as the seasons change in years to come.

What’s on your WIP list? Comment below.

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