Spotty Knitted Tube WIP

Switching it up…

Most of my yarny time recently has been spent with crochet, but when I saw Kate Selene’s spotty tube in one of her Car Park Chats, I immediately knew what yarn in my stash I would use for this lovely project!

I recently took advantage of a deal from Lincoln Woolpack for some Stylecraft Batik Elements, a variegated yarn. My favourite thing to do with a variegated yarn is pair it with something plain and contrasting to really show off the colour changes. This spotty knitted tube is just the thing!

But what will it be?

It is just a tube at present, getting marginally longer each day as I learn to be a better knitter. It is made in fair isle style, which means the unused colour is carried across the back. Kate’s solution for this was to make it doubly long and fold all the fair isle bits onto the inside and make a reversible tube, which works nicely as a neck warmer. That’s what I intend to do, and it’s coming along nicely.

One of the new things I learned was to keep one working yarn colour in each hand. As a right-handed crocheter who learned to knit, I hold the working yarn in my left hand usually. I taught myself how to hold it in my right as well, so now I can change colours much faster. Hooray!

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