Socks: The sequel

You beauties!

Yes, they’re gorgeous. Hand-dyed by some lovely lovely Indies. These two were next door to each other at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Olympia. Top left is Burns Night, as mentioned in my Indie Dyers post. It spun around on the swift I borrowed. That was a fun day… The bottom right one is the one that I foolishly tried to wind without the help of a swift or even a couple of chair legs, from Debonnaire Yarns. Both are linked in the Indie Dyer post. These beautiful works of art are not cheap, as yarn goes, but I love every last inch of it, and making socks is quite a relaxing process because of the repetition. For these wearable socks, I started by testing a crochet pattern for my friend Faye Lamb of Unravel & Unwind.

First Pair…

This was my first pair of Faye’s socks. Her pattern is available through Ravelry or through her website. It uses a herringbone half treble stitch, which was new to me. I love the way it looks, especially in this pattern, because it is not worked in spiral rounds, but it is turned after each row. It incorporates a heel flap design, which seems to be the best heel, at least for me.

Testing the pattern was really a great learning curve for me. Through doing so, I learned how to work out the maths of a pattern. I also got to try out a new yarn. This one is Adriafil, and is a tad scratchy for my liking, but the socks are very comfortable and wash well. My only tip is this: When you wash them, use something that smells nice in the wash; essential oil or something, because wet wool smells like… well, wet wool. It’s not pretty.

My beautiful Indie Yarn…

It looks fantastic as socks! This is my Debonnaire Yarns pair. I adore the colour combination and how it pops. The twist in the yarn really shows off the stitches too. I worked these exactly as instructed. I think next time, I will try not turning the work and see what happens! I’ve seen Faye’s socks done that way and they are great too. Something to look forward to, readers. Because I have a lot more sock yarn to get through… I put it all into an ice cream tub, waiting to become socks. I think I am going to use my “Just Another Manic Mermaid” yarn next, for a lovely blue-green pair, then on to Burns Night… I might even finish them before Burns Night! Watch this space…

Waiting Room

Here it is, the ice cream tub. The only one missing from this photo is Burns Night. The three whose bands you can’t see are Cygnet Truly Wool Rich (or something like that).

It looks like I have many happy feet moments in store. This tub will eventually become my “darn it all!” box, where I keep the leftover yarn from making the socks, so I can darn them, if it becomes necessary, in the same colourway.

I have one more skein of gorgeousness on its way to me. It’s from Kate Selene, and I will give her all the links and love when it arrives. I fell in love with it when I saw it on Instagram and I ordered it to cheer myself up recently. I am now stalking the postman every day, just willing it to drop through the door!

Have I learned my lesson? Will I wait again for the swift, or will I become impatient and try to wind the ball myself again?

Time will tell.

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