Socks and More Socks!

How it all started…

I love to make socks. They are quick and wearable, and there aren’t too many ways to go wrong. I love to crochet and knit, but I prefer when I can to make something useful.

I was doing some ad hoc work for Stitch & Story when I decided I really wanted to have a go at bed socks! They happened to have the perfect kit, so I had a go. The yarn is so big that the project is done quickly, and I immediately wanted to make more.

I actually unraveled a body warmer that I had made but no longer used, and I started to knit more socks using that wool. I had the bug, and by the third pair, I no longer needed to look at the pattern! I proceeded to use up all of the wool that I had unravelled from that garment, and those socks were snapped up by my family. Sometimes a claim was made on a pair before they were even cast off!

A sumptuous sock wardrobe!

I went to visit Helen Free at Rainbow Valley Crafts in Chatteris. She had some fantastic super chunky yarns to choose from, so I picked up enough Cygnet Super Chunky Metallic to make two more pairs (bottom of this photo) and because I had a sock addiction, I made another pair with Stitch & Story’s Lil’ Merino (top right), and took a chance making alterations to the pattern. It worked, so I now have another lovely pair!

Bed socks are fabulous if you’re not a fan of slippers, or if you moisturise your feet overnight like I do.

All these comfy bed socks are brilliant, and my Mom quite likes the ones I gave her (bottom right), but I wanted to make some socks that I could wear with my shoes. Find out how I got on with that in my next post!

Do you like to make socks? Fess up… how many pairs of socks could you make with the sock yarn in your stash? Do you prefer to knit or crochet your socks? Or do you fail to see the point of making your own socks when they can be bought so cheaply from retailers? Sound off below.


  1. Jane


    My prefered socks are any lambswool ones. I hardly buy ’em as have a mother-in-law for that. I wonder if I will be that way with Jake? Yet to make socks… too scary.

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