Setting up for November

Organised Chaos!

My favourite way to decorate my bujo (bullet journal) is to use stamps and ink. I ordered something online from Stampin’ Up, and got a freebie stamp set. This is it! I love it. I used it to decorate a few pages that I made at Sunday’s Plan With Me workshop at Unravel & Uwind.

If you live near Medway, Kent and want to share my supplies and have a go at Bullet Journaling for yourself, please find my next workshop at the link above. It’s usually the third Sunday of the month.

This layout is part of my efforts to get certain crafts all packed up in a grab-and-go fashion, so that I can decide quickly what to do before I leave for the studio on Mondays, Thursdays and some Sundays. It quickly became that *and* a WIP list of sorts…


There are quite a lot of things that I should be doing in a day. I wanted a place that I could check in and see at a glance if I am doing these things regularly.

Enter my #goals spread. I set one up last month but things were all over the place and I didn’t get a chance to really use it, so I will get a second chance in November.

What do I track?

Water consumption, exercise, meditation/EAM, supplements, diet, and whether I have done any work in either Voices, Hearts, or Hands areas. The more filled in boxes there are, the better, so I can see at the end of the month how I’m doing.

Usually, I would mark out all the days of the month with a half page each, but lately I have been very on and off with journaling, and I don’t like to leave empty space, it wastes paper, although I will use that space later to do calligraphy drills, painting, or other list making. The beauty of this notebook by Scribbles That Matter is that the pages are numbered. So if I do make a list on a page, I can just refer to that in the index at the front of the book. Useful!

Do you BuJo? Do you have a group or are you just on your own? Do you communicate with other bullet journalers? Do you blog your process and your layouts? Please share your link below if you do!

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