Seasonal Swag Project

Every Year, I plan a large project.  The year before last, it was the Secret Garden CAL.  Last year it was the Kiss Me Quick CAL, both by Rainbow Valley Crochet.  A CAL means “Crochet-a-long,” or in broader circles, “Craft-a-long.”  Usually, it’s a larger project, parts of which get released every so often and people share their progress online.  It’s a great way to craft together, even over vast distances!

This year it’s not a CAL, per se.  It’s a set of four seasonal wreaths that came in the Simply Crochet calendar.  I thought it would be nice to have a project that wouldn’t be so all-consuming and is easy to carry around.  When the magazine dropped through my letterbox, I knew it was just the thing!

The patterns in the calendar are by JustPootling.  If wreaths are your bag, she also has a book coming out soon!

I am going to switch it up a bit and make swags instead of wreaths.  I have a chimney breast just begging for something to be put across it.  I have already hung the hooks!

Here’s where I’ve got to so far.  I haven’t started working on the Winter one because I want to use this lovely project as a way of “Turning the Wheel of the Year.”

Turning the Wheel of the Year is a Wiccan term, as far as I’m aware, and what it means to me is marking and celebrating the passage of time throughout the year.

My aim is to have the Spring section finished so that I can celebrate the start of Spring by hanging my finished swag on the chimney breast and getting started on the Summer one. I love a new project, don’t you?

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