Seasonal Bunting Update

Spring Bunting In Situ, with ugly curtain weights.

I started out the year with the best intentions, I really did.  But things do not always go to plan.  In the case of my seasonal wreath project, I did not lose interest in the work.  I was interrupted!  

The interruption was the kind of interruption that I think all freelancers desire: paid work!!

Starting in July, I suddenly experienced the joy of three projects coming up at once; one was a pattern-testing job for a well-known designer for a yarn that hadn’t yet been released, two was repeat custom from a fantastic online kit company which involved pattern testing, liaising with the product designer, and finally making several of the finished product.  Again, pre-market stuff. Three was a design submission to a magazine, which at the time of writing is still not published, so I can’t really write about it… yet.  But I will soon.

What that left me with was one Spring Bunting, still hanging in my lounge even though we’re in the middle of Autumn!  I didn’t like the way it was hanging, so I placed some curtain weights there (temporarily) to maybe train it to hang correctly.  I am soon going to try taking the weights off to see if it has indeed righted itself by hanging there for so long.  If not, it will be back to the drawing board.

What’s next for the Seasonal Bunting Project?  It will go in my famous WIP list, and I will continue work on my Summer Bunting as the year goes on, when I get some free time.  Check my Instagram feed (as always) for more of what’s been going on!

Did you start the year with grand ideas or a big project?  What were they, and how are they going?  Comment below and don’t forget to add your Instagram link if you have one so I can follow you!

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