Scrappy Macarons!!

What to do with all those scraps???

Are you tired of all the little bits of yarn you have left from multiple projects? Do you want to do something easy and fun with them?

Here’s something. It’s a Macaron Blanket. I made the motifs, but at the moment they are just sitting around separately because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with them… but this YouTube video incorporates making the motifs and attaching them at the same time to make a blanket. It arranges the motifs in a grid, which is great, but I want to put mine together in a more offset way to create fewer spaces. However you wish to connect them is what will determine how many stitches you want to use in the round. I opted for 18, where I think the video is for 16. either way, it works well to create a puffy, dual-layered motif that you can make with your scraps as and when you have them. I will do something with them soon! But until then… gather some scraps together and have a go at some macarons!!

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