Tatting: Poor Man’s Lace

When I started a coffee and crochet group about six years ago, one of the regulars was doing some shuttle tatting. I had never tried it before, but I was intrigued. I dove head-first into a world of plastic shuttles from Japan and all the size 10 crochet thread I could get my hands on. I got one of those Annie’s craft books from Amazon and started to fall in love with double-stitches and picots, which makes up the majority of tatting pieces.

Later on, I discovered needle tatting, which produces many of the same results but I find it easier to undo if I make a mistake. YouTube, as always, was my friend when I was learning how to tat. This tutorial video from Ruby Lockwood was all I needed to get started, and off I went!

Branching Out

I started looking for Tatting patterns on Pinterest. I loved the idea of making snowflakes for a friend, but beyond that, I wanted to make some things for my home that I could use for myself. I knew this would be time-consuming, so I had the idea of using a small design motif (in the top photo) and attaching the motifs together as I completed the final round. In this photo, I have used four motifs, and I found out that the design looked much better once a circle had been added in the middle to pull it all together. Three of these motifs have the circle, and one doesn’t. Can you see what a difference it makes?

This is where I left it…

This project is currently in this state: with nine motifs. The needle and the thread are sitting comfortably in a little bag, resting until I can come back to it. I will need to re-learn this particular motif, because it has been quite some time since I’ve picked up my tatting needle. It is saved somewhere… I just have to either figure out where, or just re-write the pattern myself by sight.

Over to you: have you ever tried tatting? What was your experience? Are you able to easily pick up craft techniques on YouTube, or do you need the instant feedback of a workshop teacher? Drop me a line below.

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