Quarantine, Day…. 12?

Getting my days mixed up…

Is it just me or are the days all just running together during this pandemic?

I was sent home from the arts centre where I volunteer on Thursday the 12th of March; therefore, I count the first day of my Social Distancing as the ever-wonderful Friday the 13th.

Fast forward to today. Everyone is to stay home unless absolutely necessary.

My husband has begun his second week working from home. My secondary school and college aged kids are at home, working on whatever they have been sent from school to do. I, however, am not experiencing much of a change.

I am a freelancer. I work from home anyway. I do whatever, and sometimes I get paid. I have a project that I’m just now finishing up and countless others that I can work on and turn into pitches at any time. My problem was that I was treating this time like I was home sick… and I ended up in vacation mode, vegging out in front of endless tv and getting nothing at all done.

I actually started to feel guilty about it and turned to my Bullet Journal to bring me back to some form of normality!

My Daily Schedule (M-F)

I decided to have a work week, Monday through Friday. I allowed myself plenty of time to sleep in, because I am still sick and sleeping will allow my body time to recover.

From 10am, I have divided my day into simple 2-hour blocks. I populated those blocks with things that are already scheduled, like our Patreon live craft and chat sessions, which we have recently bumped up to 5 days a week, 2-4pm British time. It’s great to be able to connect with my crafty friends through Zoom Meetings. Four PM is time to catch up on the day’s news and wait for the Prime Minister to make his daily speech, and for us to prepare dinner. Six to 8 is for after dinner tidying up and general pottering around. Eight to 10 is for relaxing, playing games, watching TV and doing some crochet to wind down. Anytime after that is for sleeping, but in case I get distracted in the evening, I just put “In bed by midnight” in there.

I am hoping that by the time life returns to normal, my house will be a little tidier, I will not feel as though I have wasted my time, and this annoying cough will be a thing of the past!

If you want a daily check-in and craft-along, check out the Patreon link in this post. For less than a fancy coffee, you will be getting a whopping 40 hours of social interaction per month! As my partner Faye says, “Isolation doesn’t have to be isolating.”

We’ll get through this.

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