Sy Peddlesden

Freelance Voice Actor, Crocheter and Papercrafter


Female, American Accent for hire. I appear on four titles for Dovetail Games.


I am a Volunteer at Unravel & Unwind CIC and I'm a Director at Infinity Life Skills CIC, both in Medway, Kent.


I'm a Freelance Crocheter and Papercrafter. I make commissions, test patterns, and even try my hand at design work.

Independent Dyers Rock!

It’s my newest obsession!  It’s going to bankrupt me for sure, but I am loving the unique look of Independently Hand-Dyed Yarn.  This one (above) is from The Loveliest Yarn Company.  It is a 4-ply sock yarn, as are nearly all of the Indie skeins in my collection.  When I bought this one, I got…

October… Blog-tober?

Why, yes, I did mean to write this two days ago.  Things happened.  Life happened.  I took a bit of an emotional nose-dive and things did not go as planned.   Hey, speaking of plans, here is my monthly layout in my new-ish Journal!  I adore this journal.  The ink I use doesn’t bleed through the…

Seasonal Swag Project

Every Year, I plan a large project.  The year before last, it was the Secret Garden CAL.  Last year it was the Kiss Me Quick CAL, both by Rainbow Valley Crochet.  A CAL means “Crochet-a-long,” or in broader circles, “Craft-a-long.”  Usually, it’s a larger project, parts of which get released every so often and people…

~Hands Intro~

I do most of my work with my hands.  I love to make things for myself and others.  My hands are almost restless.  It seems that I must always be in the middle of some creative process or I feel “itchy.”  It started with cross stitch in my early teens and took off from there.…