Sy Peddlesden

Freelance Voice Actor, Crocheter and Papercrafter


Female, American Accent for hire. I appear on four titles for Dovetail Games.


I am a Volunteer at Unravel & Unwind CIC and I'm a Director at Infinity Life Skills CIC, both in Medway, Kent.


I'm a Freelance Crocheter and Papercrafter. I make commissions, test patterns, and even try my hand at design work.

November is here!

How did we get to November? And how did we get halfway through it in the blink of an eye? I’ve been busy with a few ad-hoc jobs for Stitch & Story, namely working at the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia and making some Woodstock amigurumis. Woodstock is available now for pre-order and ships…

Crochet Bun Hat

Hat Hair I usually don’t have the kind of hair that goes well with a hat. So I don’t wear one. When I get caught out in the cold, I usually have no other option than to wrap my scarf up around my ears and head. This problem is no more! I have found a…

A Chunky Knit!

Chunky=Fast! I have been lucky enough to have done some freelance work for Stitch & Story, a knitting and crochet kit company who provide premium kits suitable for beginners. The aim is to keep it simple and encourage new crafters by giving them a project they can complete in a short time. Between working at…