October… Blog-tober?

My Monthly Journal Spread

Why, yes, I did mean to write this two days ago.  Things happened.  Life happened.  I took a bit of an emotional nose-dive and things did not go as planned.  

Hey, speaking of plans, here is my monthly layout in my new-ish Journal!  I adore this journal.  The ink I use doesn’t bleed through the pages, it’s a dot-grid which I am loving, and I am not overly pre-planning my spreads, so I am enjoying the process of it and not really beating myself up if I don’t do a week “right.”  No more empty spaces.  If I do have any, I will fill them with writing or drawing practice.  Waste not, want not!

October is a popular month for people to write in their blogs daily.  I’m not promising that, but I did want to get back into my blogging, so I am going to do Blogtober as best I can, starting here!

Do you have a blog? How often do you write blog posts? Comment here with your blog address and/or Instagram name so I can follow you.

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