Independent Dyers Rock!

Burns Night, from The Loveliest Yarn Company, on the swift!

It’s my newest obsession!  It’s going to bankrupt me for sure, but I am loving the unique look of Independently Hand-Dyed Yarn.  This one (above) is from The Loveliest Yarn Company.  It is a 4-ply sock yarn, as are nearly all of the Indie skeins in my collection.  When I bought this one, I got one other from Debonnaire Yarns. So beautiful, with a twist!   Very similar colours to the one pictured above, but brighter.

First Lesson Learned: if you want to make short work of winding the hank onto a ball, get (or borrow) a swift!! I was so keen to start making something with my Debonnaire skein that I started trying to wind it in my hotel room at the Knitting and Stitching Show.  Not recommended!!!  At least turn a chair upside down and put it around the legs, or use a pram handle or something!! I had it all over the place, around my neck, between my feet, I tried everything and I got very tired… like an ill-thought-out yoga session.

Just another Manic Mermaid!

That’s what this lovely is called. It’s from the Less Travelled Yarn Company (which is ironic as it came from Arizona). I adore this one, and the Aubergine one I got from them too!

So far, I only plan to make socks with this beautiful yarn. I love to see how each unique skein works up. My favourite sock pattern is by Faye Lamb of Unravel & Unwind. It uses a stitch called a Herringbone Half Treble (UK terms) and you can work the sock by turning or not turning to get different effects.

Do you love Indie yarns too?  What do you make with yours?  What are your favourite Indie dyers?  Share links below and give your favourite Indies some love!

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