Fun with Makebox & Co!

I love my crochet and papercrafts, but sometimes you just have to try something new, and for me, this Emma Block collaboration with Makebox & Co was just the thing!

I loved the look of this box from early on in the promotions, so I just had to order it. I was out of the country when it came in. It made me look forward to coming home!

I tore right into my lovely Makebox at my earliest opportunity and immediately started playing with colours. The informative booklet that came with my Makebox said that some colour mixtures would be surprising, and it was right! Cadmium red with a touch of Payne’s Grey made a beautiful dusky rose!

I mixed and mixed to my heart’s content. I used some of my lovely new finds to decorate my new October diary spread. The time had come, however, to be adventurous!!

Ah yes, the self-portrait. The guidelines provided were for a person holding a mug, something that is not entirely alien to me. I love my coffee!

I had a look at mixing skin tone and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get one that was close to my own! I had a little trouble drawing, as that’s really not my strong suit, but I muddled through and ended up with this- and it was good enough for Makebox’s own Instagram feed, so I call that a win!!

I’ll be trying new things left and right if Makebox continues to offer such lovely kits. I have also been trying my hand at more new crafts this month, so stay tuned for that. I think I will use the tag “Learning Curve.”

Have you been trying new things? Do share below, perhaps I will join you.

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