Floral Friday: Six Loopy Petals…

Different Buttons are ok actually…

I needed to use regular two-holed buttons because I lost my shank buttons, but with a design like this, it is actually better to be able to hide the very middle of the flower, so I guess losing the buttons wasn’t such a curse after all! It does mean that I will have to unearth some other buttons in the meantime though….

Thanks again go to Merry Craft for another great YouTube tutorial! If you like what you see, please leave her a like, and if you want to get into this like me, subscribe to her channel and enjoy!

Watch the video here:

I have had such a great time making these. I’m going to continue, getting into more and more difficult ones. My aim is to arrange these flowers into a hair clip or something like that. These first efforts will most likely go into a box frame or something, to serve as some type of sampler, and I will keep them all the same three colours. I have a lovely little collection of ribbons just waiting for the right project to come along! Watch this space.

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