Floral Friday: Puckered Petals

Easier than it looks…

This one started to throw me for a loop, but I figured out a way to do it using tweezers a lot more than the video did, and I got a better and faster result.

Merry Craft is amazingly nimble-fingered, but I work with ten stunted sausages at the best of times. So I do have to make more use of tweezers than she does.

This is one of those types of flowers where the individual petals are made and threaded onto one piece of thread and cinched together. I think I put a couple of these petals on upside-down, so I will need some perfecting of this technique. Also, when the petal is singed shut at the middle end, it doesn’t always stay shut. It’s not an issue as it is cinched in the end. As long as the petals are all put on the right way it shouldn’t complicate matters.

Watch the video here:

Have you tried it?

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