Floral Friday: Lost my buttons!

Who’s got the button?

I bought a large pack of pearly shank buttons to use as flower centers. As you can see, this isn’t one of them. I can’t find it!!

This is a frequent crafty problem that I have, and I’ve heard it spoken about a lot too… you lose something you need for a project, you order a replacement, and before that replacement even arrives, you find the original item!!!

Not this time. I am using other buttons until I can find my pack of pearlies. But it did hold up proceedings a bit as far as blogging my flower-making.

This is another one from Merry Craft, and it has quite a bit of folding and stuff in it, but I really did enjoy making it.

Watch the video here:

Have you tried this tutorial? If so, please leave a like on the video, I’m sure Merry Craft would appreciate it. Also, please do comment below or tag me on Instagram @voiceshands if you make it!

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