Floral Friday: Easy Rosebud!

Another easy one!

YouTube suggested this one to me, but instead of putting it into my list of flowers to make, I decided to make it right away.

This one is a double-layered one. The video said the ribbon segments were to be 4cm x 8cm, but I only had 2.5cm or 5cm ribbon to work with. I assumed as long as the length was twice the width, it would probably work the same way, so I tried it with my 2.5cm ribbon.

I am going to try this one at least once more with a different size ribbon. I’m not sure it really worked as well as the one in the video.

Speaking of the video, Thanks again go to Merry Craft. If you like these ribbon-making videos, please like and subscribe. I am really enjoying it and will be sending her a message soon, telling her about my blog series. If you are enjoying this series too, please send her a message, I’m sure it will make her day!


Watch the video here!

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