Floral Friday: Beaded Petals

Before the beads…

Thanks again go to Merry Craft for this Floral Friday offering. I love the flowers that have more folds in the petals. It really brings out the beauty of the ribbon and also makes a sturdier result. This has to be my favourite to date!

My pearl shank buttons are still in the land of the lost. They are nowhere to be seen! This one definitely needs beads to finish off, so I managed to scrounge up some beads I bought from Wish. I added them to this design, as I saw in the video.

After the beads!

The beads really do make this design so much better than it is on its own. I think even if I didn’t want to have a pop of colour coming from each petal, I would still put a clear bead in just to bulk it out. it really is gorgeous!

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Watch the video here:

Have you made any ribbon flowers as a result of this? Please let me know. Tag me on Instagram, @voiceshands , and show me what you’ve made! Happy Floral Friday, readers! (and Valentine’s Day too) See you next week!

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