First Floral Friday!

See It, Try it!

Lately I have fallen down a rabbit hole.  Yes, another one… cheeky…

I love floral crafts and I have discovered that there are several good tutorial channels on YouTube for making ribbon flowers.  I decided that this might make for a really fun series, so I thought I would start right here, with the flowers that you can see here.

You’ll need 5cm ribbon, a bead or pearl button, a tealight or lighter, a needle and thread, scissors and a ruler… and the video below!

This is the first video I decided to follow on the Merry Craft channel.  Thanks Merry Craft!  I love doing these.

Hopefully the video is embedded below- try your hand at this flower!  I’d love to see it on Instagram- tag me at @voiceshands and show me your work!

Watch the Tutorial Here:

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