Crochet Bun Hat

Hat Hair

I usually don’t have the kind of hair that goes well with a hat. So I don’t wear one. When I get caught out in the cold, I usually have no other option than to wrap my scarf up around my ears and head. This problem is no more! I have found a hat pattern that I can put a bun through. Hooray!

I searched Ravelry for exactly that. I found one with a bow, which just makes it even better. Even better still was that it only took an hour or two and I had a brand new hat!


Why, yes, I did use Stitch & Story yarn for this one… the plan was to make two snoods but I think the hat was a much better choice. I love seeing the colours of Stitch & Story yarns combined. There are so many great combinations. My snood is Emerald and my hat is Plum. I think it’s a match made in heaven!!

Do you prefer your outerwear to match, or do you like to mix it up? Comment below!

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