Climbing Rose CAL: Further Progress

Mistakes: Leave them in or unpick?

I made this round pictured here quite a few times before I took another look at the pattern and realised that I didn’t quite do it exactly as it was described…

As a designer, I get complacent and think I know what is coming, but clearly I do not know!! When I looked, I had done 8 of the 16 motifs and thought for a moment about re-doing it.

Sanity took over and I decided rather than unraveling it, I would make the same mistake for the rest of the motifs just on this round, then continue on to the next.

I must clarify: if I was testing this pattern for the designer, I would have taken it out and started the round again and done it correctly.  Same again if I was teaching someone, or making a sample for someone.  But as this one is for me, I decided to just leave my mistake in place.  The following round is in place now, and it all looks just fine so no worries… two rounds to go, both in dark blue… but that’s not the end of Part One of the CAL, no sir!  I have 16 more half-motifs to make!!  It’s been a lot of fun.  If you like this, the designer is Janie Crow.  She has more.  Google her and fall in love with crochet all over again!


Over to you…

What do you do when you make a mistake in crochet? Do you unravel all the way back, fix it and re-do the item, or do you just go with the flow and see what happens?

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