Belle and Dubs is back!

Passion Project Alert!

I have been listening to some podcasters in Virginia for years now, and the original podcast is gone, the internet radio station it gave way to is gone, but the creators are still creating.

Belle and Dubs in the Morning (Season One) follows a morning show on Lost Santos Community College Radio, set in the Grand Theft Auto Universe. Your hosts are Belle, a typical Community College party girl, and Dubs, who honestly is old enough to have moved on to bigger and better things.

Last season, I did a brief cameo role as a phone-in; a Pirate Princess warning people away from looking for treasure. The episode is toward the end of the season and is called “Gaian Exchange Rate.” But seriously folks, listen from the beginning because there is a thread running through it… which leads on to Season Two!

They liked the Pirate Princess so much, they invited her back for another appearance, this time it’s about half an episode’s worth, and I adored making it! Sadly, the timing of it was as horrific as it could get- I had just caught an upper respiratory infection and breathing difficulty, which I now suspect was the dreaded corona. I pushed through and recorded it anyway, because I was doing a character voice, and the rumblier the better really.

I was happy to get behind the mic once again for “My friends in Virginia,” one of which, you must agree, is a very good graphic designer. That’s her work up there.

You can find it where all good podcasts are served: iTunes, Stitcher, wherever. I use Podcast Addict for mine. Just search for Belle and Dubs. You can expect lots of 90’s song lyrics, pop culture references from all across the past 20 or 30 years, and an unbelievable storyline… among many other things. Go get it! If you’re lazy, click on any of the images to go to the site where you can click to subscribe.

My Episode:

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