Barbara Marx-Hubbard

This quote adorns the front page of her website.  I only became aware of Barbara Marx-Hubbard a week or two ago while I was browsing what was new on Gaia TV.  She is now one of the visionaries that I look up to.

Some of you may be thinking, “How could you NOT know about Barbara Marx-Hubbard?  She ran for Vice President back in ’84…”  I was 9 in 1984.  Also, can we talk more about her please?  She’s wonderful.

At the core of her values lies this:  We (Homo Sapiens) are the first species to be consciously aware of our evolution.  Our world is in crisis, and that crisis is a birth- of a new species arising from ourselves: Homo Universalis.

She has, for decades, had very positive and uplifting ideas and ideals.  Please get your hands on her documentary or Series 2 of Legacy that is on Gaia TV.  Listen to this wonderful lady.

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