A Chunky Knit!


I have been lucky enough to have done some freelance work for Stitch & Story, a knitting and crochet kit company who provide premium kits suitable for beginners. The aim is to keep it simple and encourage new crafters by giving them a project they can complete in a short time.

Between working at the trade shows and picking orders, I have spent a great deal of time seeing the colour combinations people have been buying and what they are making. I treated myself last year to the Slumber Socks kit, and since then I have been planning what to do next with this beautiful, 100% merino wool.

Mateusz Snood

This beautiful snood took me two balls of wool and two days to make. There was an aspect of mindfulness involved, as I slowed my making process right down to enjoy the feel of the candy-floss-like wool passing through my fingers, and the click and slide of the bamboo needles as I worked. I am more of a crocheter, but like I said, I recently have been knitting and I am finding that I enjoy it almost as much as crochet! (Did I just say that?)

I think I could happily knit myself into a coccoon made entirely of Stitch & Story wool, but this will do for now…

or will it?

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