20/20: All done!


There’s nothing like being done! I was seriously starting to feel it in my shoulder.

I had managed to do the final layers on about 10 of the 25 prints before I ran out of time yesterday. This morning, after a late and rather stressful start to the day, I got back to it.

I learned what a ‘card claw’ was… and if I had known, I would have used one from the get-go, because once all the layers had been applied, all the prints had terrible finger marks and smudges all over them!

After using up an entire eraser cleaning up the smudges, sealing the lot with hairspray and sticking the details onto the back of each one, I have finally secured them all in a bag ready to send off to the moderator for collating. I can’t wait to see what I get in return!

This one is called “Illumin-arty.”

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